Gizmo by Mariette Grobler / Mom and Dad

Gizmo’s Poem:

You came into our lives, our little one
And with you brought the joy, the sun.
You made the world a better place
Just by looking into your furry face.

You were a child to mom and dad
And we protected you from the bad.
You always knew, when we were near
You had nothing else to fear.

People don’t understand, it seems
That you could be our hopes, our dreams.
But in fourteen years, not a day went by
Without love and kisses,looking into your big
brown eyes.

We remember the joys, to keep us sane
We’re living and loving life with you all over again.
We think of the years, all too few, gone too fast
And have to accept that nothing can last.

In your short life, you just gave love
And now when we look at the stars above.
We remember all your love, your charms
And we know you rest peacefully in Jesus’s arms.

You gave your love unconditionally
You brought us joy, you set us free.
We loved you back with all we had
But letting you go, that made us sad.

We will always remember you
With fondness and love, our whole lives through.
You made every day a sunshine day
We so wanted for you to stay.

Life goes on – it’s very hard
We cannot cope, know where to start.
We know that we should not ask why
Our hearts are broken, all we do is cry.

You had to go, we had to stay
But wait for us, we’re on our way.
God will look after you
‘Till we can be there with you too.

Your suffering, your pain is gone
But we miss you dearly, little one.
Your place is empty, your bark is still
We must accept it was God’s will.

We know that God will bring us peace
That grieve and heartache one day will cease.
But our love for you will always stay
Today …. forever and a day.


With all our love,
12, Dec 2002
Mariette Grobler