Gizzmoe by Kim and Steve Zeigler / MOMMY AND DADDY

Ten years ago Gizzmoe came into our life when he was a puppy. He was a little fireball just six weeks old; he was ready to play and tear up any size dog that came around his toys or his food.
He learned things so quick. We taught him how to sit, beg, give us his paw, and to speak all in about 3 months time. Although we always seemed to think that we really didn’t have to teach him, it always seemed like he knew what we wanted him to do without asking.

He brought so much joy to our life. He was always there when he thought we were scared or in danger. My husband would often ride the 4 wheeler and sometimes acted up on it and Gizzmoe would get so upset and run along side of him and bark until my husband would stop acting up. It’s like Gizzmoe knew Steve may hurt himself riding the way he was.

He loved to play with tennis balls. He would go get it and bring it back for us to throw it again. He also loved water; he would stay in the water all day if we would have let him. I had a pool a couple years ago. Well one evening we came home Gizzmoe had gotten in the pool and there was no way for him to get out. Luckly we came home when we did and got him out. That night we let all the water out of the pool and took it down. We loved him so much. We had nine and half years with
Gizzmoe before we lost him.

I took Gizzmoe to the vets for his yearly examination and found out that he had a disease called Immune-Mediated Hemolytic Anemia. It causes the body`s own immune system to attack its own red blood cells. He died six days later at the vets. He was so strong hearted that he waited till my husband and I got there to say goodbye.

We miss him so much more and more everyday. He was our child and
I think we will always grieve for him.



Kim and Steve Zeigler