Glenda Echo by Maggie Lindsey / Momma Maggie

Ode to Glenda Echo

It was a dark day, the day I did discover
that you had a cancerous tumor, but I hoped you’d recover.
Three months of treatments trying to make you well.
Quality of life for you thereafter, no one could tell.

I watched you go through such pain, such agony.
I wondered, was I doing this for you, or for only me.
I saw pain in your eyes as you tried to be strong.
To put you through more, I knew would be wrong.

No one could tell between us who was master, who was pet.
But I made the decision, your last visit to the vet.
I knew in my heart it was time to let you go.
Though I’d not realized, How I would miss you so.

The emptiness I feel in your passing, no one can know.
As I sit here I feel the loneliness grow.
I’ve had your happiness and joy for the past 12 years.
Now that you are gone, my eyes fill with tears.

For through these years you’ve saved me
from loneliness, despair.
Because when I came home,
I knew that YOU would be there.

I miss the big brown eyes that stared into my face.
The companionship and love you gave me,
no one can replace.
I miss the wagging of your tail in glee,
as I sat, you chin resting upon my knee.

The devotion you have given me, my sweet pet,
Your trust and faith in me, I’ll not soon forget.
I wonder how long it will take for me not to see,
you playing in the yard so happy, carefree.

How long will it take for me not to hear,
your bark that announced when someone was near,
Your scratch at the door when ready to come back in.
Sadness over your passing hits me again.

For in this house your presence is everywhere.
I look, but you’re not laying beside my chair.
What will I do with left over scraps?
Which you always devoured in great, healthy laps.
How long will it take for me not to cry?
As I close my eyes and envision our last goodbye.

I’m in agony over your last day,
even though “all dogs go to heaven” is what they say.
As your soul floats through the pearly gate,
the pain of your passing, I wait to abate.

If people think me crazy, I just don’t care!
My pet isn’t with me. God! Life just isn’t fair!
I’m in hope as time passes, I’ll no longer feel the pain,
Of knowing you’ll not be coming home, in body, ever again.

I’ll have only your ashes which will be set upon a shelf.
You will still be with me in spirit, until I die myself.
Death, the only thing that could make us part,
but you will, forever, be in my heart.

From any more suffering you’ve gained release.
My loving dog, Glenda Echo, may you rest in peace.

Written by Maggie Lindsey Sept. 29th 1995
Posted to this site Jan. 23rd, 2003


Glenda Echo - Never to be forgotten!
Glenda Echo
29, Sep 1995
Maggie Lindsey