Goldie Girl by Angie / Angie and Family

We bought our dogs when they were puppies we had 2 Golden Retriever’s named Hunter and Goldie they were so cute they were brother and sister they loved each other. One day we went to the vet to get dog collars special kind for our dogs so that they wouldn’t get out of the yard so when we got them our vet said Goldie can’t be put on the electric fence so then we would just tie her up so that she could play and play with her brother Hunter. When she turned 2 years old I went outside and I heard Hunter barking and I said what’s wrong and then I didn’t see his sister Goldie so I called, and called her and still no answer so then I looked out back and started to wonder where did she go.

I went down the hill and looked in our barn no Goldie. I looked at the neighbors house b/c I could hear other dogs barking. And still no Goldie. So then I just thought I would go get the mail and when I started to go up the drive way she was laying down and I was like there you are and all of a sudden she wasn’t breathing. So then I ran as fast as I could ran into the house and I called my Mom from work and said Goldie’s not breathing so she told me that she would be home as soon as she could so then she told me to get a blanket and my heart was pounding so bad that I ran up to Goldie and put a blanket on her.

When my brothers came home from school they said what’s wrong and I couldn’t really say anything I was in tears and then they saw that I was in tears and my brother saw his dog laying on the ground and
she was gone.

She was only 2 years old she had a heart murmur. So when Goldie’s family got home we took her to the vet and she was cremated. So she lived for only a short period of time. From 1995 to 1997. We all love you Goldie Girl. Rest In Peace.


With all of our Love,
Goldie Girl