Goldie/Fluffball by Diane Sin / Diane Sin

When,I first got my Fluffball, I never knew that this young puppy would grow to save my life. I got him because his mother was a stray. One day, she was hit by a car. Luckily, the pups were not born differently than other pups that are born every minute. But, one turned out to be very small. My mother said that the puppy would not survive without extra attention. So,we decided that we could adopt that puny puppy.

When we first took him home,I named him Fluffball. An hour later, he scratched at the door. When I opened the door, he did his business outside. He had potty trained himself! We took him to the beach the following week. I guess I forgot to buy his leash, but we still took him. The thing is, he never went far from us.

I knew he was scared of water, because once I was on the rocks/tide pools looking at creatures,when Fluffball slipped off! I yelled “Fluffball!” and he ran to me. At least he tried to come to me. I had to swim to him and fish him out. On the way back, Fluffball got into the car

One day, my mother decided to walk Fluffball. We had just crossed the street, when a huge dog ran at me! I let go of the leash, shocked. Oops! Fluffball was free! He, the puny little puppy, ran at the big fat dog that was coming at me! I think you know what happened next. Yup.Owner’s worst nightmare. The fat doggie bit Fluffball in the neck and lungs. Then he shook him like a ragdoll. I couldn’t do anything but holler/scream. I don’t remember what I was screaming/hollering about.

Fluffball didn’t die instantly. You could see him breathing, but blood was coming out of his nose. I thought I could save him. My mom said he would die. She was right. He died one hour later. My brother said that he was going to kill that dog.

I still have nightmares about that incident. I think that never happened. I think I just had a nightmare. And when I wake up, he would be there. But no. He isn’t there. Even though some heroes are still alive, mine isn’t. Sometimes I still cry about him to myself. I renamed him later to Goldie. His fur was gold. But mostly, he was my gold.

Goldie was my hero, My BEST friend ever.


Diane Sin