Goliath Lee LaVonnie by Margo / Mommy

I got him when he was a few months old. He was so clumsy that I had to sit on the floor to hold his chew toys. He learned to play football, loved to pull the kids on the sled, smiled everytime we entered his domain. An instant friend was one that would rub his belly and play ball. And what a funky ball it was. The kids were playing basket ball and I was on the riding lawnmower, and when the ball came flying, I couldn’t stop and there fore the ball was flattened. He cherished that ball, he turned his nose up at any other balls…new or old!!

When I went thru my bout with cancer, I shied away from him as I thought he wouldn’t understand that we couldn’t play. I had friends and family come feed and take care of you.

It was then when you left my world…I will forever blame myself…as I now know, you would have understood. Forever in my thoughts, I now sport a tattoo of your photo on my ankle, as you’ll be by my side forever,
never to part again!!


With Love Always,
Goliath Lee LaVonnie