Gonsilla by Saleana Justice

Well the day I meet Gonsilla was the day momma kat was having kittens; it was her frist born and he was not coming out head first. He came out tail first. I was trying to help him and I pulled off half of his tail. He was about 4 weeks old when he got his name because my husband walked past him with a toy and the little ball fur fluffed up like Gonzila and so that name stuck to him. He died yesterday. He got hit by a car; my mom did not tell me till today because yesterday I was to stick to care or even notice he was gone. I miss my 11 pound cat. I will always miss him. There never be another cat like him. Whose going to sit on my shoulder like a bird now when I am on the couch nobody because my cat bird is gone. I miss that little dude so much; it like a child dying.

In loving memory to my Gonsilla

Mommy will always miss you and love you always


Saleana Justice