Gracie by Bridgett / Bridgett

Gracie, your life was so short,
Personally, to me.
Yet, you are with God,
Forever and eternally.

You changed me so much,
Especially, when I was sad.
And you always loved me,
Even if I was mad.

You and Omar,
Were my two best friends.
You were loving, precious, and kind,
Even till the end.

My heart is still broken,
Now that you are not here.
My pain is still remaining,
And I have my usual tears.

I blame myself occasionally,
Tying to figure out what I could have done.
But it is now too late,
You are already gone.

You were my sister,
The best that I ever had.
The day that you left this earth,
I really knew what it meant to be sad.

I am still grieving for you,
Each and every day.
I miss you so much,
I just wish that God would have let you stay.

It is true,
God works in mysterious ways.
Yet, I have a comfort,
Knowing that I will able to see you again one day.

I hope that you know I love you,
No matter what I did or said.
You will always be in my heart,
And this is not goodbye, but see you soon instead.


I will always and forever love you,
21, Jan 2004