Greylady by Joanie Ghazarian / Nana

RIP Greylady (Greybutt) 1982 – 2001

Greybutt lived long,
And she was the Queen,
She could do no wrong
But at times she was kinda mean.

Always sort of lanky,
And sometimes quite cranky,
For years she was bony,
And her heart belonged to Joanie.

She was the boss of the felines,
That would come and go in her life,
And her days were just peaceful,
She never knew strife.

Something about her was royal,
And she invited soft strokes,
To Joanie she was loyal,
But she was nice to all folks.

A pat on her head would make her day,
Or a kind word when we came her way.
She lived with Joanie in many places,
And twice on Vassar,
Where our loving faces
Would give memories to last her.

Jack says she was the best,
Better than all the rest,
The best cat in the world!
As on his lap she sat curled.

She’ll live in our memories,
We can still hear her purr,
With her beautiful seagreen eyes,
And soft, blue-grey fur.

She was content, never lonely,
And her heart belonged to Joanie.
From her nest on the lawn,
She would greet each new dawn.
Oh, yes, we will miss her!
And we all got to kiss her

Old grey girl, farewell-
You will still be the belle,
Say hello to all the others,
When you’re there, up above,
To you and to them,
We send all our love.


Written with love in Dec. 2001,
21, Dec 2001
Joanie Ghazarian