Griff was a 14 yr. old Poodle mix whose owner could no longer care for him due to illness. He came into rescue and needed a foster. Requests were sent out to the volunteers but no one responded. So on the third request, I said I would foster him. When I brought Griff home, he was a bit nervous to the new environment. I took him to adoption events and when people asked how old he was and I replied 14 yrs., they just said Thank you and walked away. This happened several times and I knew that either I would continue to foster or adopt.

So I decided to make Griff a permanent member of the family. He got along with my dog and he loved a good tug of war with a squeaky toy or chasing after a tennis ball. He was a very sweet and loving dog. After a year and half went by, his health began to decline. He did not enjoy playing and had trouble eating. My vet said it was time and I knew in my heart she was right. Even though Griff was in my home for a short time, he added a lot of happiness to my life.

Love you and miss you, Griff.
Vicki K.