I adopted Griffey (shorten to Griff) in Dec. 2018. His owner could no longer care him so he was given to the rescue which I volunteer. The rescue was looking for a foster home and no one seemed to step forward. So finally, I decided to become his foster. He was 14 years old and when people at adoption events would ask how old he was? I said 14 and they would say Oh and walk away. Griff still had a lot of spunk at 14 and could walk around the block without any problem. After being his foster for about a month, I decided to make Griff a permanent member of my family. He got along very well with my other dog and sometimes the two of them would sleep side by side. Unfortunately, his health began to decline and he could no longer enjoy life. He could hardly stand and did not enjoy going for walks. Even though he was eating, he body could not absorb the calories and his weight kept decreasing. I had to make that heartbreaking decision to let him go. I was able to say good-bye and say I Love You. I miss him.

Love you Griff.