Gunther by Natalie D.

Ten years ago our family received a new member. He was tiny, chubby, cute, sweet, and very furry. It was a shock to our other dog who wasn’t much bigger than our new puppy at full size. Benji, the king of the castle, always growled at Gunther whenever Gunther tried to show Benji some affection. This began a behavior that would outlast even Benji who passed away in 2000. For his whole life Gunther would give kisses and growl which of course meant he was happy and yes, even just a little grumpy sometimes, as you can imagine a rottweiler around midnight. But all that aside, Gunther was a very loving pet and family member who loved children and could not stop
licking their faces, hands, necks, ears, etc.

In his last days, Gunther endured surgery and was seemingly going to recover, but his heart said otherwise. Due to his illness, his heart became very weak and although he was brave and fought very hard to come home to us, his little heart just couldn’t support his massive body and spirit any more. Our only solace and comfort is that in his last 24 hours, Gunther was able to come home and spend time with those of us who loved him so much. He has left behind him a sister, Autumn, and a buddy, Jupiter who will also miss him.

We will always remember Gunther and keep him in our hearts forever. He is a part of our very souls and hopefully we will be able to pass on the joys in life that he shared with us to others in the world. Gunther exuded warmth and friendship all of the time,
his presence will always be felt in his home.

At age ten Gunther has passed on, but in our minds he will always remain young at heart, playful, and happy until the very end. We will miss you Gunther and especially that growl of yours.

With Love Always,

Mom, Dave, Natalie, Gilbert,
Conni, Autumn, and Jupiter


Natalie D.