Halfpint Skidmore by The Skidmore Family / Love Dad, Mom, and Becky Face….

You licked our faces, announced the door bell. You greeted us with your wagging tail. Now we hear your tags no more, when opening the front door. We miss your smiling furry face, though we know you’re in a better place. We loved you then and we love you now. We still may be shedding tears, but never would we trade those years.


We miss you with our hearts. You have been the best little friend anyone could ever ask for. We are so glad that you were apart of our family. We will never forget you little buddy. You made us smile for many years. Thanks for being our friend and thanks for putting up with me treating you like a little doll. You are so special to us and you are missed greatly. I know you loved us and we sure did love you Pinter. Take care in your new life and I hope we can meet again someday baby. I know you will keep a watch over the family like you always did. You were my little popcorn buddy…
We love you Halfpint.


We love you always and forever Pinter Face!!!!!
Halfpint Skidmore
8, Sep 2003
The Skidmore Family