Hans by Al & Jackie Ricca / PAPA (mama loves you too)!

My papa you’re the greatest man, so steadfast and so strong
You would never fail me, in my eyes you did no wrong
I constantly looked up to you admirably with pride, you were always there for me, standing by my side
You always took the time to take me out to play,
ready-on your mark-get set-go, you would lead the way
Back and forth, side by side, with my football we would run, together we would laugh and smile, we would always have great fun
I want to thank you Papa for all that you have done, you walked into that “Pick A Pup” and chose me as “the one”.


Hans, YOU were the greatest, YOU never failed me, in MY eyes you did no wrong. I WILL LOVE YOU ALWA
22, Nov 2002
Al & Jackie Ricca