Harley Bear by Scott & Carol / Your Family

I can not find it in me to allow you to be gone. It has been almost 2 months, and the pain and guilt I feel now are just as bad as the day you left. I blame myself, and nobody else… I had it within my power to put you under the knife and maybe if I had you would still be with us today. I justified not helping you because of your age and medical condition…. I was wrong, I should of did everything within my power to help you.
Many years ago you came to live with us…some say you picked us as your parents, and that is more than likely true….We had a rocky start, you seemed to like remote controls and shoes more than your food! We got past that, and we never had a more loyal friend. Time was good for all of us, until you started to show signs of the illness that finally forced us to do what I am now sure was the wrong thing.

We all miss you, and I do me all of us…. even EVO who you tormented for the last 10 years. I feel I failed my best friend, and hope that when the time comes for us to meet again, you will forgive me for that. I hope that you will be at the Rainbow Bridge when it is my turn to leave, we will finish the journey together. I love you Harley Bear, know that until we see each other again!


I will see you at the Bridge,
Harley Bear
Scott & Carol