Harvey by Amanda



March 1991 ----- January 26 2000

Tabby Cat


You were sent to me one Easter season 8 years past.

A little furball with big expressive eyes held at half mast.

You 'talked' so much...we knew your every thought

That day we 'picked' you out my heart you caught.


You listened to me when I was sad

You heard me when I was mad

You slept with me on your side of the bed

That sad night you went you you told the kitten and led

him to sleep beside me

I wanted you! Not him there.. but I know you wanted me to see.


That was so I was not alone in my grief and sadness

I will always remember you and as my heart heals and lets in the gladness

I will remember all the good memories we made and send

You my love and hope that you are remembering me

And one day I will see you again my little friend

My little furry angel with the green eyes.