Hazen by Morgan / Mommy and Dusty

To Hazen

I can never be sorry enough
I’m sorry I wasn’t there
When you wanted me to be
I’m sorry I took away
The world you wanted to see.

I’m sorry if I failed you
I’m sorry if I let you down
I’m sorry that you chose to die
Rather than to live with me.

I’m sorry if I didn’t kiss you goodnight
Or if I forgot to say goodbye my bunny babe
I’m sorry you had to die alone
And that you’re in the cold because of me.

I miss knowing you would be there
I am so sorry Hazen!

I miss your kisses and your ears
I’m sorry you weren’t happy
I miss the feel of you, I hate that you’re gone
I miss you
I love you.


Love you forever,
11, Dec 2003