Heidi was our eight years old daushound and has had kind of a rough life,

we adopted her from a puppy mill to begin with. Her first litter of pups she

lost one of a week before her second litter of pups was due Heidi was hit

by a car which broke her hip and shatter her pelvic bone a C-section delivery

was necessary to save her and the pups. Although Heidi could not take care

of herself she still managed all of her mothering skills and took excellent

care of her pups. Through the years she has raised several kittens a baby

skunk an opposum a pot belly pig and four pups that were not her own.

Heidi was very protective of all babies animal and human. This past week Heidi

again showed her love for another animal as she tried to rescue the neighbor dog

Scruffy from flood waters that came.

The waters were too swift and Heidi and Scruffy both drown. It was a sad day for all.

A friend sent me a copy of the story of Rainbow Bridge the place our pets go

and wait for us…We were devastated at this loss. But what I wanted to share

was the love and compassion we found on the Internet I told our story to

one friend and received letters from all over the world from animal lovers

that I don’t even know. It was great. Just yesterday I received a phone call from

someone that said they had heard of our loss and said that when their dog

had died two years ago in a fire a neighbor had given them a pup.

This person now wanted to pass the kindness on to us and we were presented

with a little female daushound to help us not miss our Heidi so much.

Because we live on Ragans Run and because was Heidi’s home we named

our new pup for that and for the Rainbow Bridge where we know Heidi

and Scruffy along with all other pets are waiting for their families…

Our new baby is RAGAN’s RAINBOW.

Thank God there is compassion and love left in our world…

Thank you for your pet loss pages as they are a comfort…

Pamela and Dennis Swiger