Henri Peanut Glover by Rachel & His Cindy / Mommy & His Cindy

Peanut when you entered our lives, you were already 7. We were still greiving the loss of Scruffy-Lyn then. The first time I saw you, you were barking like you would tear me up! I laughed to think that this little 4 pound boy thought he was so BIG! You were with me for 10 years. You went everywhere I did and licked away my tears when my father passed on. You helped me to calm down when I was worried while we were evacuated during Hurricane Katrina. You must have been suffering those last few weeks of your life but you never let on. When you were put to sleep to end your suffering, I wished that I could have went with you. I know I will see you again in heaven, but now there is no one to lick away my tears and make me feel better. You are so badly missed my baby boy! You were bigger than life for only 4 pounds and you will never be forgotton! We love and miss you Lil Man!


Till we meet again in heaven Lil Man,
Henri Peanut Glover
21, May 2007
Rachel & His Cindy