Henry by Randy / Daddy

Henry when I picked you up to bring you home with me you were nervouse and even bit me on the finger. Over time we grew to love and trust one another you slept with me ate what I ate and went with me whereever I went. When I left for work you looked at me with the big eyes of yours as if to say hurry home and when I returned you were allways at the door waiting for me to pick you up and hold you. You were and will allways be my baby. Now as I sit with tears in my eyes I know that you are in a better place waiting for me to join you at the rainbow bridge. Be patient my baby you’re in heaven with other pets and my mom and dad they will look after you until I join you. As I close my eyes at night I see your white face with your loving dark eyes with your tail wagging and I know that it’s your way of saying it’s allright daddy im fine im at the bridge waiting for you.


I love and miss you Henry
19, Oct 2004