" Herbie "

1994 ---- 1998

One day you were here the next you were gone

now the days roll by and we move on.

But each day we still think for just a minute or two

about the wonderful friend we had in you.

“Remember how Herbie would always do this?”

we say as we speak of the things we will miss.

We smile at the thought of the mice he would chase;

and the way he would run he sure loved to race.

We remember tail wagging puppy dog smiles

and the journey he took in those last lonely miles.

For he was called over to the other side,

but we will always remember him with pride.

We pray that somehow somewhere

he is running and playing with never a care

and as our journeys one by one reach an end

we’ll be reunited with Herbie a most faithful friend!


An original poem written by Kathryn Juenemann

Submitted by Kathryn Juenemann & the DogSquad(Misty Spook Cujo)

In Loving Memory of Herbie

I am submitting to you a poem that I wrote about my brothers dog

Herbie who had to be put to sleep because of cancer. They live only a

half mile from me and Herbie would split his time between both farms.

He was a wonderful friend and we miss him very much.