Hershey Kisses by Niki / *Niki*

I’ve loved cats all my life my dad would never let me have one though. My neighbor one day had found people giving away cats for free and my mom actually got one. We had to name it after a rock star though so my dad would actually think about letting us keep the cat so we named him Hershey Kisses (Kiss the band) we bought everything needed and brought him home.My dad got really mad though
he did let us keep Hershey.

My family and of course me loved him very much but I had a special bond with him. The horrid day came when his fat kitty self tried to catch a robin and ended up leaving us that day including the robin.
I bawled for hours.

He was my first pet I had and a very special cat he was like no other cat in the world. His birthday was on mine, his actions were different than any other, and he made me laugh sometimes. We had him cremated all by himself; the ashes were boxed and are now sitting on our mantle. The day his ashes came home I found out about Rainbow Bridge it made me happy. I miss my kitty. I wish he could of lived longer than two years, sometimes I want to cry but I won’t.

I know he’s happy up in Heaven, but hey I can cry Hershey I’m only eleven. I’ve gotten a new kitty but you will never be replaced! I miss you Hershey Sooo much! I will never forget you I will always love you. 🙂


Love you,
Hershey Kisses