Hidi by Brandy Strickland / mommy dear

Hidi I did not know for very long. We had such a short time together. You were only 10 weeks when GOD took you from me. When we first brought you home it was a gray, stormy day. That should have told me something. I remember you like you are standing here right now, pure black, except for one tiny, little white dot right in the middle of your chest. You always wanted to go with me wherever I went.

I remember one time I went fishing in a boat and you tried so hard to jump out I threw my head back and laughed. I knew that you had to go sometime but I did not know you had to go so soon. I will always love, miss, and dream about seeing you again. But for now I will go on missing and hoping for you to comne back somehow or another.


With love from the happiest owner
in the world because of you,
Brandy Strickland