Highway by Kim Torry / Kimmy

My uncle had found a dog lying on the side of a busy highway. He took him home and wrapped him up and kept him warm were
he layed by the fireplace.

That weekend we visited my uncle and he showed us this precious white fluffy dog. The minute I saw him I knew I wanted him. It took sometime to convince my parents but, knowing the dog lover I am they said yes! I named him “HIGHWAY”. He was the sweetest dog. When he would hear music he would howl (sing) to it.

Highway was my shadow for the next seventeen years.
It was the saddest day when we had to decide to put him to rest, but I was so lucky to have had him in my life. He was truly a gift from god! Please adopt the many homeless animals in your local shelter. They are waiting for a loving home like yours.


Love you forever,
Kim Torry