Holden by Lynne P. / Mommy Lynne

On October 4, 2005, I lost my beloved cat Holden. I had given him many nicknames in his life…Holdy Woldy…sometimes Wolden…often times just Kritter Cat. He always knew I was talking to him. He made me so happy. He had unconditional love for me. In the last few years of his life, he had slowly gone deaf. It saddens me that in the end he couldn’t hear me say good-bye and I love you. But, I was stroking his head as he went
and I think he knew.

He was always an unique cat. When he was little I often crumbled up a piece of paper into a ball. As soon as he heard the paper crumbling, he came running. He would play fetch with me and the paper wad until he got tired. He would then take the paper wad and toss it into his water bowl. That was the end of the game. We also would play hide and seek. I would hide and he would search until he found me and then he would run as I chased him. It was so much fun. Holden loved it when I would place my arms below his belly and flip him upside down. He would stretch out and I would call him the “Long Kitty”. His purrs told me that he loved being the “Long Kitty”. In the winter, Holden would curl up in front of my space heater for hours. He loved it. It was his fireplace.

Holden never really was a lap cat, per se. But, in the last couple of years of his life…he would crawl and lay on my chest as I watched TV…so, happy that he was near me. I’d give anything to have his nose nuzzled against my cheek. I knew he was telling me good-bye in his own way.
Holden was my first kitty and I miss him greatly!


Loving you always,
Lynne P.