Holly by Paula

Rest in peace my furry friend
Loving and loyal
until the end.
A better friend
I couldnÆt have had
Standing by me
through good and bad.

All you needed was a cozy bed
A scratch on the back
a pat on the head.
You shared all my secrets
my joys and my woes
and comforted me with
that cold wet nose.

Our house is lonely
without you there.
Sometimes itÆs almost
too much to bear.
ThereÆs no wagging tail
waiting at the door.
ThereÆs no warm furry body
curled up on the floor.

Now youÆre an angel
with wings of fur.
The most precious angel
of that I am sure.
I know that youÆre up there
chasing a ball
Smiling down upon us all.

And so that weÆll never
be far apart
I hold your memory
close to my heart.
I miss you Holly
more than you know.
I wish you didnÆt
have to go.

I know weÆll meet
again some day.
WeÆll be together
to run and play.
So from now until
the time we do
IÆll smile when
I think of you.



31, Aug 2001