Xmas 1987 —- July 17th 2001

Cocker Spaniel

I first brought Honey home nestled on the palm of my

hand the night before Easter as a present for my wife.

Originally we were going to call her Easter but then settled on Honey

as it was more in keeping with the colour of her

Golden Cocker Spaniel coat.

We’d had many different pets before and loved them all but none of

them filled our life as Honey did.

At that time my wife and I both worked and Honey used to be left to

her own devices all day during the week in our ample back yard only

to frantically greet us each evening as we pulled into the driveway.

Despite being left alone she never in her whole life did anything

destructive or got into any sort of trouble.

Since we retired some years ago she has been our constant

companion 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

We would not go on holidays unless she were able to go with us.

I have read most of the tributes on this site and know now that Honey

did all the things that your good dogs did

( Are there any bad dogs? I don’t think so only bad owners)

Because we were with her constantly we hardly noticed her golden colour

fading slowly and the grayness creeping in around her muzzle.

Sure she lost her hearing and her sight in one eye from cataracts and

she slowed down a heap from her younger days but we still

thought of her as being around for ever.

Last year we even brought home a 3 months old cocker as a

youthful companion for her which perked her up no end.

However in November last year she had a bout of pancreatitis which put

her in hospital for a few days but then she appeared to have

a complete recovery.

Since her coming home though she seemed to slow down more day

by day until last week when she went off her food and was sleeping

most of the day and night. I made an appointment with the vet for Wednesday

( We only have a vet visit the town once a week out here in the country).

On the Tuesday at lunchtime I carried her in from the backyard after

her lunchtime wee as she was a little unsteady on her feet.

I bathed her eyes with saline solution and she lay down to sleep.

At 1.30 p.m. she started to dry-retch and I picked her up while my

wife went to get her a fresh blanket.

Without a whimper or any movement she collapsed and died

in my arms in 1 second flat.

Not a noise just a small exhale as her last breath left her body.

We were and still are devastated.

The first couple of days without her were horrendous and we did not

have much hope of any improvement until by chance I discovered

your wonderful web-site. Reading and realizing that we were not alone

in the world of “pet sorrow” has certainly helped.

“In Memory Of Pets” is truly inspirational along with the sentiments

expressed by your other caring respondents.

Isn’t it a pity that the whole world doesn’t have the love

that most people have for their pets.

It would be a better place.

Poppy Momma

and Rusty