July 11 2000 —- June 29 2001

Teacup Poodle

I got Shadow right before my daughter went away to college.

I knew I would be lonely with her gone.

My daughter went away and Shadow became my child.

She slept with me played hide and seek with me and basically did

everything with me. She was the sweetest dog I’ve ever had.

Shadow went outside one night and ran out of the yard.

A car hit her and she passed away in my arms.

We tried CPR to no avail.

I never thought that I could become so attached to

anything in such a short period of time.

She was as much a part of my family as my children are.

She was loved as much too.

It’s hard to stop the tears and I think they may never stop.

I loved her with all my heart and soul.

She is missed very much.

I love you Shadow!

I could never forget you and all the fun we had.

I miss your kisses and I miss snuggling with you.

I miss playing tug of war with your toy lamb

and your socks.

I miss everything about you.

You were Mommy’s baby!