Honey by Mommy & Daddy / Mommy & Daddy

I remember on my birthday the first time I saw your little puppy eyes. You will forever be the best birthday present I will ever receive. You were always there to cheer me up with your little dances. Our hide and seek games were so much fun. That incredible greeting I got from you every day when I came home from work was the greatest feeling. There are so many things we did together and I will treasure our memories forever.

Everyone says to me that you had a long and wonderful life. I know you did, but you also gave me a wonderful life in return. You made me a better person.

I miss you so much, and I hope you know I tried everything I could to save your life that day. Daddy is heartbroken that he wasn’t here with you that day. I know your last day on this earth was just as you would have wanted it to be. I will always remember the feeling of your last breath.

You will always be our little good girl. We love you and miss you.


Forever in our hearts
Mommy & Daddy