Honey by Roslyn & Jeff Ingels / Mom & Dad

One Sweet Day

Pup, How I will miss your happy smile, your kiss, and your fluffy, wagging tail! I will miss your shadow as you follow me from room to room each day & night!! Your cute little head on my pillow & at my feet; your soft, warm coat & tender, sweet spirit. You contentness to lie on your back curled up in my arms like a baby looking up at me like I am Queen of the Universe. Yes, to you, I really AM!!!

Honey, I really loved you with everything I had in my whole heart, and I did my very best to somehow deserve all your unnconditional love and adoration. I never withheld all my love, affection and devotion from you, and
gave it freely to you.

I FOUGHT so very hard to save you, for you meant more than all the gold in the world to me, but our Lord had HIS bigger plan fo you to go be with Him, for now!!! But, I know you will be there patiently waiting for me.

You, my dear one will live on in the many hearts of all those who loved you so dearly, and we’ll all see you again someday, just waiting there wagging your tail At The Old Rainbow Bridge.

Just you and me, “Girl,” Yes, One Sweet Day, we’ll go walk to the other side, together!!


Love always,
8, May 2007
Roslyn & Jeff Ingels