Hopie by Lady Camelot / LadyCamelot

FLY AWAY (for our “Boo-Boo”)

Cocoon – so precious and matchless to me

Your shell – so whole, and so serene

Like green leaves to which you’d clung

Your heart longed for morning’s song.

Oh – such love, your soul did breed

Like an ebb tide in a gentle reed

Your vessel – an ageless photograph

Now just a glimmer in my memory.

But in the by and by – of a fresh, Spring day

And warm sun lends her glowing rays

Along tree branches and new green leaves

Cocoons – like yours – reminisce of thee.

So timeless – your shell remains

As an echo of your soul

Like the life light in our eyes

Like ocean tides come and go.

As time revolves, yet another day

My shell, too, shall come to pass

Like time’s endless sands of grain

Passing thru an hourglass.

So spread your magical wings and fly

Beyond all that you’ve seen

Fly free, my beautiful butterfly

To the rainbow of your dreams.

© LadyCamelot 2003

Living on Borrowed Time
Living on borrowed time —
precious moments come and go
Time that seems so endless —
like an hourglass’ afterglow

Pressed between life’s pages,
lie the stories we recall —
of love, and hope, and happiness…
and sorrows — great and small

Yet even if I had known you —
mere moments or decades, too
I’d still be grateful to have had you in my life —
for the light of love in you

Though we resign to receive
what small life we have to share
I’d never regret a moment
of life that time did spare

I’d never reflect with remorse
And pray I’d never met you
For tender moments we spent together
Is treasured time that God had lent you

Living on borrowed time –
We’re on loan just a little while
Infinite moments – so lost without you
In time that can only tell

That even if I had known you –
Mere moments or decades, too
I’d still be grateful to have had you in my life –
For the light of love in you.

This poem is dedicated to one of our adopted, furry family children – “Hopie.” She was a beautiful, lovable, huggable ball of wrinkles (Chinese Sharpei) who gave us so much love but never asked for anything in return. Life is too short to dwell on sorrow, so in her honor, I try not to shed too many tears and go forward; knowing that whether Hopie had been with us 2 months or 10 years, there is not a moment I regret that we had her in our life during her short lifespan.

© LadyCamelot 09/2003


Undying Memories,
28, Aug 2003
Lady Camelot