Hunnie Pooh Lewis by Karla Lewis / Karla

I got Hunnie when she was just 3 weeks old; she was the runt and no one wanted her not even her mommy. I heard about her from some kids down the street from my grandmother, so I went and looked at her and she stole my heart. I was by myself at this point in my life and I didn’t have any kids so Hunnie was everything to me. She went everywhere I went. If Hunnie wasn’t welcome I didn’t go and that was the honest to God’s truth. My family never seen a dog that meant so much to someone as Hunnie did to me. I guess it was because my mom and dad left me when I was a child and I didn’t have anyone, so Hunnie took a big part of my life. She was all mine and no one could take her away from me. Well, enough of the sad part but the good part is that Hunnie was with me all the time and I swear I just know she knew me, like when I was happy, sad, angry, laughing she knew. She knew almost what I was going to do just by my actions. I think she thought she was human sometimes.

She didn’t like other people and she didn’t care to much about other dogs. I feel like I was her everything also. She made me very happy and I had alot of good times with my dog. Hunnie left me when she was 15 years old; it was a wonderful 15 years, but I was very heart broken when she left me. I am 34 years old and I still cry like a baby at times over here.

It has been almost 3 years now. I do have good news though, I went and adopted 2 wonderful dogs right after Hunnie died and they have really helped me and now I love them, too, and
they are my babies Tyler and Lexi.


With love,
Hunnie Pooh Lewis
Karla Lewis