Hunter by Helen



December 30 1996 ----- September 13 1999


You came into my life,

When I didn't really care.

Through all the toils and strife,

You were always there.


You were my sunshine,

That brightened every day.

Meant to only be mine,

But then our lives turned gray.


They told me you were ill,

I didn't want to care.

All my fears fulfilled,

And reality met me there.


The day that you left me was the hardest of my life,

Holding you for the last time and setting you to rest

Oh! The tears I cried

But it all was for the best


You suffer no more.

Those tears I still cry.

But you'll never leave me,

You're forever by my side.


"To love someone deeply gives you

strength. Being loved by someone deeply gives you


I feel this quote describes how the love

that we gave him gave him the strenght to let go and

go to heaven.

Author unknown


"My name is Helen Craft and I would like to tell you

the story of my cat Hunter.

I know the poem explains

most of it but the loss has been tremendous.

In1996 Hunter came to us thanks to fate.

We were very

lucky to have gotten such a great and loyal cat.


he was diagnosed with leukemia.

We gave him medicine every day

and he was very good about it and

loved us no less.

In January 1998 my mom had double

bypass surgery and while she was in the hospital

Hunter got sick.

My dad force fed him baby food and

gave him Pedalyte for strength

and to keep him hydrated.

The day that he began to eat again

I can remember my dad crying

because he knew that he had

brought Hunter back from near death.

For the nextyear and a half

we battled keeping odd illnesses off.

Until September 1999 we had to move.

Literally themove killed him.

Shortly after we arrived Hunter

became very sick.

He wouldn't eat and we were worried.

We called a vet we had been recommended to

and he treated Hunter

as much as he could.

The day before he died

he began having seizures. So we took

him back to the Vet and he told us

that he might live

but the chance was very small.

On the way home my

dad told Hunter that he couldn't give up unless he

told him he could.

That night my dad stayed up all

night with Hunter as

he had seizures every 15 minutes or so.

Early the next morning my mom got me up to

spend time with Hunter

so my dad could get some sleep.

My mom had to go to Nashville

that day for business reasons.

That hour before he died was the longest of

my life.

I remember holding him while he had seizures.

That continued to go on for a while and

then my dad got up and held him.

During the last seizure

my dad told him it was okay to give up

and he did so.

Even to this day I will never forget how

much that cat loved me and how much I loved him.

He taught me things no one else could.

He taught me "courage." and I'd also like

to tell Hunter one


"Hunter you'll always be my sunshine!"