{ Sad Eyes }

June 11 1984 —- Aug. 8 1999

Cocker Spaniel

I got Hurricane in September 1984.

I knew the moment I picked her up she was mine forever.

Her coloring was so beautiful and I have only seen to this day

a few dogs that had her color.

She was a mixture of white and buff brown mixed all over body.

On her top back she had the shape of a white half moon

surrounded by brown.

She followed me everywhere and slept on my bed under the

covers with me-She was never out of my sight.

We we were so close I was only 21 and she was my best friend

and only confidant.

I cried many tears with her and gave her the life of a queen.

She came with me when I married and now had two who

loved her very much. I became pregnant and people laughed

saying that Hurricane would be the one in the crib not the baby.

She was so gentle with our new baby boy and he loved

to play with her.

She had her own Xmas stocking and we taught her to unwrap

her own presents.

We acquired a rabbit and Hurricane let the rabbit lay

up against her.!

She was always full of energy and never left my side.

After her 15th birthday which we celebrated- she always got wrapped

presents and knew how to open them- she became sick.

I nursed her 24 hours a day and couldn’t bring myself

to believe that one day she would leave me.

That day was August 9 1999 at 11pm.

She died while I was holding her in my arms the way we

always were when she was alive.

I was devastated but happy she had no more pain.

I buried her in my yard in a beautiful box with her toys and treats

and pictures of me and her her boy(my son Mike)

and her dad(John).

Everyday I went outside and spent hours sitting by her

grave talking to her. She has her headstone and a beautiful cross

over where she lays. I kept her collar and some clippings of her

long beautiful hair buff and white and made a memory book.

I watch the videos we have of her and it seems so long since I touched

her and snuggled with her.

I still cry alot over her 2 yrs later because I miss her more than

any words could explain. I know she is with me and watches

over my two new chocolate Labradors I see her in them everyday,

and I tell the new dogs about her always.

I love you Hurricane so very much and miss you and look forward

to seeing you again.


Mommy Daddy and Michael