In Memory Of Sammy

While searching for a friends cat at the local pound I walked past the

large dog’s pen and noticed a small black and white poodle type dog curled

up in the corner of a pen filled with German Shepherds.

This struck me as odd and I stopped to look.

The little dog was so curled up it was like he was trying to disappear!

For some reason I called the guard over and asked him to pick the dog up

and bring him to the fence. He did and I will never forget this moment…

the dog was so filthy and smelled so bad. Really matted and had

overgrown bangs really thin and pitiful looking!

I said “hi little dog” and couldn’t believe it but that dog

sweetly wagged it’s tail at me!

Well I was in no position to have dog (or to make an impulsive

long term commitment) as I had just gotten divorced had

a new carrier and a 3 year old baby to take care of.

But that night I asked myself how could I have walked

away from that needy creature. How could I live with myself

knowing that we had met and yet I walked away,

and I know he was hoping I would hold him and be his friend.

The next morning I got in my car drove to the pound and bought what

I now know was the best friend I’d ever have in life.

He was so happy to be taken out and held. I could honestly feel his relief.

Well I put him in the car and he pranced around the back with glee!!!

He new he had been saved.

With in minuets I realized that he smelled to bad to take him home.

So I drove to a groomer and he got all cleaned up. Then I took him to the vet.

The vet said he looked as if he’d beaten and abused.

He was also malnutrition and probably had never eaten right.

After that we went home.

I really don’t remember much until about 11:30pm .

“Sammy” became VERY ill. And by 1:00am he was practically unconscious.

I put him in blanket on a chair right next to the heater and I

sat with him until 3:30 putting water in his mouth with an eye dropper.

I new he was burning up with fever. I decided the groomer must have let him

get chilled and God knows he was probably half sick already.

If it hadn’t been three in the morning and my baby asleep I would

have taken him to the vet and had him put out of suffering.

I said a sad prayer for the poor little dog who had just had such a lucky

thing happen to him as to get saved from the pound by someone (me)

who would never ever hurt him.

I knew when I woke that he would be dead and went to the living room

reluctantly And there sitting up in the chair with I swear

a smile on his face-was Sam.

Samuel J. Dog fit into our little family well. I had to spoon feed him for

ever because he was afraid to eat.

And actually for the next 11 years he always remained a timid eater.

And SAM decided right away I was his guiding angle.

He would not let me out of his sight! He followed me everywhere. He was

totally dependent on me. And after a 6 mo. of this I didn’t like it and

wished he would take to my daughter. But he never did.

I took Sammy to the beach and discovered he could jump a mile high

and catch balls. So we did that every Saturday morn.

For many years until Sam’s back legs couldn’t take it any more.

Before Sam died at the age of 12 I had taken him to Washington and

we swam in the rivers: we went out on boats in the lake: hiking and biking

with him and Pooki running along. (when Sam was about 3 yr. I bought him a

small companion dog named Puka because he was lonely while I worked).

I took Sam everywhere with me. Even the store. He would never

leave my side. As small as he was he could follow me in crowd.

He slept on my bed every night. I covered him up on cold mornings

and told him so often how much I loved him.

He would have jumped through a hoop of fire if I asked him.

He always minded- sit/stay/come/lay down- even though I don’t think he

had ever been trained. He was the sweetest most gentlest creature

God ever put on this earth.

But poor Sam went deaf and then blind. His health was pretty bad the last

2-3 years. He couldn’t find his way outside and if he did he would get disoriented.

Then he started to go potty in the house he just didn’t have

the strength to get to the door.

One day I picked Sam up wrapped him in a towel and took him to

the Humane Society. I asked them to put him to sleep.

I don’t know what I was thinking that day. I don’t think I will ever

forgive myself. I gave him a big hug and he licked my nose!

I just couldn’t hold him when they did it. I have never handled death well.

Needless to say I regret that decision so much.

I miss him IMMENSELY!!!! He was always there for me. Always!

How could I do that to my best friend?

My daughter is now all grown up and Sammy was there with me

the whole way. Now they are both gone.

I wish Sam could have stayed with me the rest of my life.

I dream about him almost every night.

He is buried in the backyard about 30 feet from my window

and I always think about him at night.

I am glad however that I gave that poor creature a pretty wonderful

life filled with many adventures and lots and lots of love.

When someone loves you and trusts you as much as Sammy did me

you realize it’s the most important thing on earth and that’s to love

someone unconditionally and for ever.

People who say animals have no souls are SO WRONG.

I will miss you forever Sam.

I hope you’re waiting for me in heaven…


In Memory Of Sammy