Ina May

Dec. 1990 —– April 28 2001


My best friend past away today of bone cancer.

Her name is Ina May. Ina came to me on Valentine’s Day in 1991.

She was only about 10 weeks old when she was found on Ina Road

and brought to the pound. She melted my heart when I saw her

and I knew right then she would be my best friend.

Ina was such a energy-packed puppy.

She really never stopped teething. Among the things she

loved to tear up were basketballs golf balls tennis balls

2 liter bottles filled with sand tennis shoes the couch chairs trash

newspaper wrapping paper and any toy or bone that came her way.

Ina was a brave protector also. She knew who she liked and

who she didn’t. A friend of mine used to take her up to the store

on his skateboard (actually she took him to the store) and he would use

the phone or tie her up and go inside well she would let 10 people go by

and wag her tail when they passed but then one guy who just gave her

signals would set her off and she would growl and bark at him.

She had a wonderful intuition and used it every day through her entire life.

Ina grew into a beautiful dog and she was very happy.

She truly believed that she was a queen. And in my eyes she was.

She would sit outside in the back yard on a sunny day and she would

lay on the bricks in the sun with her head held steady in the wind.

She was so graceful. I will never forget her mannerisms either.

Ina rarely barked. When she wanted something she would talk to

me by coming up and trying to talk.

It sounds crazy unless you actually get to see it.

She definitely had her ways. She was number one and

she will always be.

Ina wherever you are you know that I love you,

and when we meet again I’ll bring a tennis ball.




Ina May