Inky by Annie Kimber / Annie

When I was only 7 I bought a gerbil called Inky.
She immediately became the cutest thing that I had ever seen.
She was as tame as dog and so sweet.
Her jet black coat was adorable and
her lovely long whiskers were so tender.
She used to sit on my knee and watch t.v with me. She used to just sit on my shoulder like a parrot – I loved Inky.
One day, after I had had her for almost 4 and a half years she caught a bad illness. Her tummy was badly swollen so we took her to the vets. Luckily for me, Inky seemed to get better – this was an enourmous relief.
But in a few months time she looked on the verge of death.
I held her in my hands won night when she started to uncontrollably lurch forwards. She did this many times until, eventually,
she died.
I will never forget inky.
She was the best gerbil in the world.


Lots of love,
Annie Kimber