Toby by Angela Shoemaker / Angela and Family

When we first got Toby, a darling little yellow lab, we did not realize how much our life would change in that year. My mom wanted to get a little puppy like our neighbors’ yellow lab and when we found Toby, our prayers had been answered. There he was so adorable and all ours. Over the next month, we played and took care of him and then my Dad passed away. During that terrible time, Toby became such a godsend. Full of love and so comforting he intertwined himself irrevocably into our hearts. So we got through that terrible time and watched Toby grow into a handsome fellow. So playful and sweet, he just loved being kissed and hugged and just being loved and that he was and still is.

Then on a terrible Monday evening, my brother yelled that Toby had been hit. I ran as fast as I could to get to him and he was lying there on his side just panting. I held onto him and told him to hold on and kept telling him how much we loved him and that he could not leave us. So with my mom and my brother’s help, we managed to get Toby on a blanket and into the car to get him to the vet.

He passed away en route to the hospital. My mom felt him take his last breath. The void that he left in our lives is just so hard to live with. The joy that he brought us was like heaven and he was a balm to our souls. We will never ever forget you and we will not ever stop loving or missing you!


Forever and Ever in Our Hearts, Love
Angela Shoemaker