Isis by Cyndi / Mom

Spring Hill’s Golden Goddess

[I]n so very short a time,
[S]eems you had to leave me.
[I]miss you,
[S]o very much..

[G]o on now baby girl,
[O]ver the bridge.
[L]ook forward,be brave (as I know you are)
[D]on’t hesitate,
[E]ven if you hear me crying.
[N]ever forget how much I love you!

[G]o on now baby girl,
[O]ver the bridge.
[D]on’t be afraid,
[D]on’t look back.
[E]ven if you hear me call your name.
[S]tay exactly as you are, strong and sweet,
[S]tay forever, My ISIS…

I miss you Isis , and I will always love you.


Till We Meet Again,
15, Sep 2005