{ BeBe }

Aug. 1995 —- June 3 2001

Cat { DLH }

I am hoping to bring more information to any one who has

the old style garage doors.

Our house is 30 yrs old and the doors are operated by remote.

We have only been in the house for 1 year. JC loved it he had more freedom

to go and come as he wanted. He loved going into the garage to

snoop or just sit on our warm cars and sleep.

He was not quite 6 yet when this awful tragedy struck.

We go in the garage daily in our coming and going.

On Sunday June 3 2001 my husband let some of his friends in through

the garage which he never does this.

He pushed the remote to close the garage and they proceeded up

the stairs and into the main part of our house.

It was only 5 or 10 minutes later that I went down to the garage

to take some garbage. When I opened the entry door and stepped out,

there I say my precious baby.

I am sorry I am crying as I write this.

So if I misspell or something I am sorry. I only saw his head and front paws

on the inside of the garage. The doors had come down on his neck.

I hope he didn’t suffer. (but to make matters worse I had to investigate further

the next day and saw claw marks on the outside of the garage exactly

where I had found him I don’t know if that was reflexes or his death

wasn’t sudden I wish I knew the answer to this one.

Either way it would help me if it was instant then he didn’t suffer

if it wasn’t then he knew I was there).

I immediately opened the doors and expected him to get up

but….he was so limp. I was yelling to my husband to get the keys.

I rubbed his heart there we no injuries to be seen.

We had to go to 2 vets before they saw him and told us he was gone.

I knew he had lost his urine in the car not soon after we left to take him to the

1st vet that is only a minute down the road.

I was trying CPR which I know I wasn’t doing it right but still hoping.

We really don’t know how it happened. We think he was coming in and

got scared maybe the doors touched him and he tried to back out.

If he only gone forward. There are so many “IF’s” in this story.

I wish I had scolded him just a few days ago. He had been sleeping on

my car when I decided to leave.

As I left I saw him very close (too close) to the doors

as they were coming down.

I thought then “boy you are getting brave”. He wasn’t afraid of them any more.

Now I have found out more info on these doors. Unfortunately it is to late

for JC and for my loss.

I loved him so much! My grief is unbearable. I always protected him.

I think what were his finale moments like was he thinking “were is my mommy”?

PLEASE PLEASE if you or if you know someone with the old garage doors

let them know about them. Not only for our pets but for children as well.

I heard they have sensors now that you can add that make them stop/or

come back up. Or just make sure all is clear when they are closing

until they are all the way down.

If WE had only known!

I will do a tribute to him soon. I must say how much I love and miss him.

He always heard our bedroom door open in the morning and greeted

me with a meow. I always went to him to give him his morning kiss and rub.

He had a window seat bed. He knew no stranger always greeted everyone

no matter if they liked it or not. He would rub against them with all his

long white silky hair until he was acknowledge.

I miss his feeding times he knew the words “milk” “hunGRY”

and the word BOO! BOO was like hide and seek sometimes he won

and sometimes I did.

I miss him coming into the bathroom and playing while I took a bath

between the shower curtains (another form of BOO)

I miss him drinking water from the bathroom faucet as I brushed my teeth.

I miss dancing with him I would either hold him and dance softly purring

all the way or pick up his front paws and do a stand up dance

(not to long on that one though).

I miss his silky hair even though in the summer I have to clean alot more,

but I didn’t mind at all.

I miss him at night when he comes and looks at me waiting for me to make

him a place beside me on the couch so he can curl up and suck his

toes while I rub his ears neck and head.

Purring and purring getting louder by the minute.

I would do anything to have been able to save him from this!

I will always love you.

You loved me so unconditionally.

You helped me through alot of rough times and I wish you were

here with me now.

You are such a sweetheart!

I can’t stop crying and I don’t think alot of people understand this

grief for your pet.

I love you JC (BEBE)

And I pray that you felt no pain and know that if I could have

prevented this I would have with all my heart!

You will never be forgotten ever!