J.J. by Elizabeth / Liz and Kayleigh

On 4,24,05 I was at a friend’s staying
the night and her brothers were at my
house with my older brothers. Well one
of her brothers came running in with a
piece of paper and went running back to
my house. I read the paper it said
“Kayleigh”K” # ???-???? needs help with
baby bird” So I rushed home, call her
back and we talked. “K” is 17 yrs old
and the whole time we were talking she
cried. She told me her cat went after a
birds nest and she found a chick. So I got
a ride to pic it up.

I brought the fledge home to care for.
Now I’ve had lots of baby birds so I know
how to care for them. I had the chick a day
because I had to go to school the next day.
I was stupid and depended on my mom to care
for him for six hours. Well when I got home
he was dead.

Well when I left K’s house she had found one
of J.J.’s siblings and he had died
of the cold, so she buried it. When she found
out about J.J. she decided she was gonna
bury him next to his brother. So she rapped
him up in a cloth, tucked him in her purse
and took the bus home and buried him.
“I alway love the birds I care for”