Jaguar by Paul and Erica / Paul and Erica

My friend’s name is Jaguar. He was only with us for 14 months but he made a difference that will last a lifetime. Jaguar was a wonderful kitten, a great cat, and an awesome friend. As a young kitten, Jaguar helped his sister, Chevy, go through a difficult surgery with his morale support and love. Both were adopted from a local rescue shelter and have been inseparable ever since. Jaguar and Chevy are both leukemia positive and have had their share of medical and personal trials.
They are both fighters.

A few months ago, Jaguar was diagnosed with CRF, anemia and just a month ago with a growth that made his breathing labored. Even through this, he was still loving and the Vet could not believe his loving personality considering his condition. Jaguar has battled courageously for a young cat and kept his spirits up. Jaguar Boy does not require much from us.

I remember he would climb up on the couch, lay on my arms while I play video games and he was very happy just being close. He is now at a better place where I know he is very happy with not a care in the world. We just hope that we have shared enough of our love and our feelings to let him know that he will always be in our thoughts and he will always hold a huge and special place in our hearts that will never be replaced. We miss you; we love you, always.


Jaguar, a kitten at heart, an angel in disguised,
Paul and Erica