Jake by Claire / CC

Jake was the perfect family pet. He was calm and loyal but fierce if he thought we were in danger. He would split his nights up to be with all of us. First he would go in my sister’s room until she fell asleep then went down to my parents for a couple hours, then up to me, then back to my sister’s. Once a week he would stay in the hallway guarding us.

He would never runaway but once when we were vacationing, the person who we thought we could trust to watch out house and animals betrayed us and had a party. Jake ranaway and we looked non-stop for him, but then one night we got a call from a police officer that he had found jake lying in the road with a lost poster taped to him. What upset me the most is that the person who hit him didn’t call to let us know. All they did was tape our lost poster to him. I know he was looking for us but never found us.

I will never forget him and love and miss him so much. May he rest in peace and watch over us.


Jake I love and miss you so much, with love,