Rags by michelle and allana / Michelle and Allana

I will make this short because it just happened yesterday and “‘m hurting. Rags was his name and he had which is a heart problem that couldn’t be fixed. We knew he had this problem when he was 15 months old. The vet said he would be lucky to live to three years of age. He out live his life. Next month he would have been 10 years old. He would have gotten a living legend award for our NCNC club but he didn’t make it. In my heart he was a legend.

We took him to the vets yesterday because he seem to be breathing hard. To make a long story short we thought he might just have a bad cold or we were also told he could be going into heart failure. He was pumped full of medicine; took him home and got ready to get out of the van and my partner said as I was opening up the house door, Michelle come here. I went over to the van and she said I think he’s dead, and he was. So he went to the Rainbow Bridge on the ride home.

We called the vet told him and he was very sorry and we drove back to the vets so they could take care of him. He will be cremated and come back to stay with us until we go to the other side so he can greet us and we can be together again. I love you, Rags, and we will miss you but until then I will see you later. Love you,


You're our boy,
michelle and allana