Jake by Pamela Pratt / Your Mommy

In June 2000, I found out what pure love is when My Beautiful Boy Jake came into my life. I really wasn’t sure I had time for a dog being that I lived in an apartment and he would require so much walking. Well, I found the time and we became fixtures in our town on our one-and-a-half-hour walks every day. Rain, shine, snow; didn’t matter.

All the big delivery trucks that would drive by us on a regular basis waiting in anticipation for you to give them what for for all the noise they made. The firefighers always giving you that big horn blow to see if Momma would become a kite while you would try to chase the firetruck down the street, firefighters always laughing.

I’m still amazed at how many people would walk down the street or holler out car windows and say, hey, Jake, and I’d have to ask you
who they were.

I’ve made a lot of friends because of your unique look and sweet nature. People would just have to stop us because of your half black and half white face right down the middle.
That face is now imprinted on my heart.

Mommy has not yet made that walk by herself because of the heartache I will have to endure telling all of our friends that you had to go. But I will make that journey for you, My Good Boy, as a memorial for what we shared for six years.

I hope that where you are, there are squirrels to chase and shadows to pounce on and maybe a few lawn mower pull cords to attack.

I will be picking up your ashes on my birthday when they come in knowing that it will be the worst and best birthday present I ever receive because I will have you with me again in a small way.

But until we meet at the Rainbows Bridge,
please know that I love you.


Loved and Missed By All,
Pamela Pratt