Jake Junior Smith by Sarah

Nov. 1 2000


I first met Jake in the summer of 1999 at my father’s apartment

complex where my dad had lived at the time.

My mom had dropped me off on her way to work and there infront of me

was a black dog with a white chest and big brown eyes.

He ran to me and jumped around. My dad and I would always feed him

every morning. We decided to call him Jake.

The other children in the complex were cruel to Jake trying to scare him

clapping in his face those sort of things. I was the only kid in the complex

whose parent allowed me to go into the woods behind the complex

so when Jake and I wanted to get away from the kids that’s where we’d go.

I later learned that the landlord was going to call the pound to take him

away since the complex didn’t allow pets. I was devastated.

I talked to my mother and she allowed me to bring Jake to her house

as an early Christmas present since it was during the middle of November.

It seemed that when I was at my mother’s house Jake was always by my side.

He was the first dog I had that actually belonged to ME.

Every night he would lay at the side of my bed and lay his head on the

mattress and stare at me. Eventually he would lay down and go to sleep.

Well a few of the local females were in heat that month and Jake went

roaming around the neighborhood. He never came back.

We put up flyers and eventually someone called saying they found his

corpse on the side of the road he had been ran over.

My baby boy had been killed. We buried him in our back yard.

He had died one year after we had gotten him.

Now I know my boy’s in a better place.

And someday when my soul also enters heaven,

I know I’ll see him there and once again we will be reunited,

and never again apart.



Jake Junior Smith