Jakey Boy by Georgene LaRossa / mom and dad

My husband and I picked out Jake and his sister 11 yrs ago next month. He has never once barked, think something was wrong there, but nonetheless he was a sweet, gentle, loving companion whom I had to put to sleep today. I am broken into pieces, can’t stop crying for him and I am so sad. His sister, Jessie, is looking for him all over the house and is sad too. What do I do with all his stuff is a mystery to me. Everything looks and feels different now. I am weary and I miss him so.

Jake was a black lab and l00 lbs and a pussy cat of temperament. I sure hope he is at peace now looking upon his family and feeling happy with no pain. We are carrying that pain now. I will miss him and love him always and am stopping now as I am crying so hard I can’t type anymore. Bless his soul…


In great awe and love,
Jakey Boy
Georgene LaRossa