Jammer by Sandy

My Jammer. She was more than a cat, she was my child, my baby. She was 18 years old when she passed. She loved to lay out in the sun. Despite her battles with stomach cancer and kidney failure, she managed to make it down stairs to lay outside on the day she passed. She was such a trooper. She was such a happy girl and did everything she could to make me and Josh happy.

When we lived in Washington, D.C. for three months, her and her sissy Annie flew on the plane with us (in carriers right by our side). For our wedding, being that it would not have been appropriate to have them in our wedding, my husband carried their pictures in his pocket. I miss her little face so much. The little face that would light up the moment I walked into a room. She also had diabetes (or it may have been pancreatitis). Even though I would poke her with a needle twice a day and give her fluids with a HUGE needle once a day, she loved me.
She knew I was taking care of her.

Every night, she would sleep by my feet using my foot as a pillow. I miss that. We still have 3 cats, but I miss Jammer so much. Nothing will ever take her place, I miss taking care of her and I miss kissing her little head. I miss her face as she waited for me while I showered. I miss her as I open the door and realize she is no longer there.

I miss seeing her at the bottom of the stairs waiting to go outside to sunbathe. I miss seeing her under her tree and I miss wiping the dirt off her mouth and belly. She was so special and I thank God that I had her because she brought so much happiness into my life.

She is now in lickem’ park and will never have to worry about her weight and there will be a hundred different flavors for her – enjoy baby, until we meet again and it will “be nice.”

I love you chick-e momma,