Jay Jay by Sandra / LOVE MUMA

My daughter and I went overseas for a holiday and we went to my mothers grave site. Whilst we were there my daughter found an orphan kitten, it was 35+ degrees hot. We decided to adopt this cute kitten and we named him after name of the town we found him in. We named him CEYHAN and took him with us on a 4 hour train ride to my fathers home. Unfortunately we had to leave in 3 weeks and due to Quarantine regulations in OZ we decided to leave CEYHAN with my father who promised to take good care of him.

My daughter was heart broken and I promised her that when we get back we will adopt a kitten and call it CEYHAN-2. We got back and I got very sick that I couldn’t get out of bed, One day my daughter came from school and saw the state I was in and she talked me into going out and look to adopt a kitten as I promised her. I agreed and we went to this pet shop and asked for a kitten that we can adopt they said to come back in a months time. Whilst I was talking to sales person my daughter wondered off and came running and dragged me to see this cute little puppy. When I got to the display he saw me and he was scratching the glass and yelping like mad.

My heart ached because I grew up as an orphan and I didn’t want him to suffer or be sad and I fell in love with him, so I decided to adopt him I had no money I purchased him on my Credit Card. We brought him home and when we called him CEYHAN-2 he didn’t come, we called him CEY-CEY, CEY-2 still didn’t come. We decided to call him CEY twice and he come running. We just changed the spelling of CEY CEY because of pronunciation so my little boy JAY JAY was named.

He was so special and he helped me with my major depression he was my baby, best friend he was my life and I miss having him around It was unexpected that he passed away and I am trying to come terms with it. I miss him so much I cry for him everyday. I know he is without pain and is in peace now, I know will meet again and he came into my life for a reason and taught me so much. I know we will meet again I know we will.


MY Special BABY BOY,
Jay Jay