Jazper by Cammie McMillon / Mom

Oh my beautiful sweet grey baby! It’s only been a little over 24 hours since I put you to sleep. I can’t stop crying. This morning I went to refill the water bowl just for you but then I realized you weren’t there begging for fresh water. Oh how that hurt. I didn’t want to let you go
but your body had given out.

You were so special. Always so sweet, you came to me if I was upset, meowing “Mom, what is wrong, can I help you feel better?”. I remember getting you at 4 weeks old. Jody and Theresa called and asked me to take you since they found you in their back yard and didn’t know where you came from. From then on you were my baby. I let Jody and Theresa know that you had gone on to Rainbow Bridge to be with Zappa, 93, Sampson, Delilah and Sheba. All of you are not in pain now and are happy together. I’ll meet all of you at Rainbow Bridge when my time comes.

I buried you next to Zappa because she always did think you were her baby. Now she can love on you as you did her. Fourteen years of unconditional love from you. Fourteen years of memories that make me smile,laugh and cry. Who am I going to share my late night ice cream with now Jaz? Who can I cuddle up to like you would with me? I miss your purring at night when you would jump on the bed and walk across dad and I’s pillows until you got settled. I keeping looking for you in your favorite places expecting you to be there and look up at me and smile with your eyes. Now your only a memory that I miss so much. Connie told me that you were the most beautiful and sweetest cat she had ever known. She loved you too and is crying and misses you.

I knew I had to put you to sleep when you would want the fresh water but wouldn’t drink it. Because I love you, I didn’t want you to suffer any more and took you to the vet. You were dehydrated – the vet barely got any of the medicine in you before your vein blew. But, that was all it took and you were gone. You were looking into my eyes the entire time and purring up to the last minute. You knew it was time to go as I did. I will forever love you my grey baby and will see you at Rainbow Bridge.


Forever in my heart,
27, Feb 2006
Cammie McMillon